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RIIHAN203D | Conduct Lifting Operations

Course Details

This unit provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to conduct surface lifting operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon successful course completion you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the following:

RIIHAN203D – Conduct Lifting Operations

Please note: In the industry, this certification is also referred to as ‘Conduct Lifting Ops’.

Option 1

Face-to face training sessions and final assessment.

Training time will be dependent on student’s experience.

To view upcoming course dates, please view our course calendar:

The following is to be supplied

  • Proof of age
  • Copy of Personal Identification (that has been linked to your USI Number)

Payment is required within in 2 business days of making booking, to secure course spot.

Enclosed shoes, hat, sun safe polo shirt or long-sleeved shirt, shorts or long pants.

Please note food is not provided with this training. Participants are welcomed to bring along their own food or can purchase food from the ‘Food Truck’ at their allocated meal break times.

All training materials and stationary required to complete the assessment is provided.

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